What is Myfest?

Myfest to be held 14th time in Antalya this year is the Turkey’s most innovative Spring Festival.During 3 nights for 4 days, 10 different concept parties, fun water activities, with leading brands and most innovative artists of Turkey, It is the festival which experience young people the sipring. Food-beverage service is unlimited and free of charge during festival.
The festival will celebrate its 14th anniversary in 2019 and will take place at Pegasos World Hotel in Antalya-Side on 20 -23 April.

What are the participation preferences and the prices?

Participation rates vary according to the comfort of the hotel rooms and the number of people. During the festival scope, activity hotel and accommodation hotels are offered.
The possibilities that you will benefit from all hotels are the same. You can check pricing from the link below; MyFest 2019 Price Chart

How can I make reservation?

“Reservations are made from the BOOK page at www.myfestc.om.tr You can also book from the authorized sales representatives on the main site. All reservation steps must be completed in full in order to complete the reservation. *You can see in the booking form terms of participation. To complete the reservation, the payment must be completed within 4 calendar days after the booking date. Please note that if entire payment is not completed in time, reservations will be cancelled.

Money Transfer and EFT payments to Myfest (Akif Akyıldız) accounts
Cash payments to offices or authorized sales points
5.5% interest is applied on credit card payments.
9.5% interest is applied in installment payments.
Garanti or Yapı Kredi card payments must be made from the head office.

Location of the Festival?

Location in Titreyengol; It is 5 km to Manavgat city center, 6 km to Side center, 60 km to Alanya city center, 70 km to Antalya Airport and 80 km to Antalya city center.

What is VIP accommodation? Are there Suite Rooms?

You can stay for 1 more day and join the closing party with the” VIP After “option and you can log out on April 24. People staying in the same room can choose VIP After together. You can learn VIP AFTER fee from 0532 700 53 00.

Those who do not specify at the time of booking and want to benefit from the VIP After option or request a limited number of Suite Rooms must inform our telephone number no. 0532 700 53 00 latest by 17 April 2019, 18:00


Myfest provincial representative bus services provide transportation to and from Istanbul, Ankara, Sakarya, Kocaeli and Izmir. Round trip transportation prices are İstanbul-Ankara 150 TL, İzmir 170 TL, Sakarya-Kocaeli 150 TL. Round-trip transportation prices apply for one-way transportation.

The bus reservation is made from the bus transportation area in the reservation section on the website.
Festival package terms are valid for the steps for the bus transportation payment steps.

Car Park Service?

Parking is free of charge for the participants travelling by own car.

Is there 18 year old restriction?

Persons who are not 18 years of age can only participate with parents permit letter.

Early check-in or late check out possibility?

It is possible to check in 1 day in advance (19 April). Please contact our sales representatives or head office for prices.

Guests wishing to check-out after 1 day (24 April) must choose the 20-23 April main event package and VIP After entry option.

Are activities free? What are the paid services?

Participation in events and the all inclusive concept is valid until 00:00. Events from 00:00 to 03:00 cover the After Party. After party the soft drinks and alcoholic drinks are unlimited, premium brand alcoholic drinks are chargeable.

Medical Service?

24-hour medical team will be available throughout the organization.

Terms of participation - cancellation - removal?

As the information entered in the booking form will be based, Myfest cannot be held liable for any erroneous or incorrect information entered in this form.
The participant is obliged to inform Myfest about the changes in the booking information at least 21 days before the event.
Myfest cannot be held responsible for any problems that may arise due to incorrect, incomplete, late reported information.
Early booking tickets cannot be cancelled. Change of name is possible until 9th February. For the cancellation of bookings made after 9th February, refund will be 100% of the total payment, 30 days before the start date of the festival (March 19th, 2019) and refund will be %50 of the total payment, 15 days before (4th April 2019). Participants agree that from April 5th, 2019 onwards, they will not request the return of the payment under any conditions. For credit card withdrawals, a refund is made after the bank installment commission is issued. Refunds are made within 30 calendar days in accordance with the cancellation policy.
For each change from 2nd April 18: 00, the participant agrees to pay an extra fee of 50 TL per person per transfer / EFT.
The participant agrees to provide a photocopy of the ID when checking in.
In order to complete the reservation, the full payment must be made.
Bookings of rooms that have not been paid in 4 calendar days after booking form is automatically canceled. If there is a paid amount in the cancelled room, the refund payment is made under the refund conditions.
All participants accept that no refund will be requested from 5th April 18: 00, under any condition.
Myfest cannot guarantee place after renewing reservation after cancellation.
Participants with a PNR code accepts that they cannot transfer this code to another.
If the number of people staying in the same room or the person changes, a new room must be booked. Participants will have a new PNR at this new room reservation. If they pay with the previous PNR codes, they accept that they will inform Myfest in 4 calendar days after the new reservation is made for the transfer of that payment to the new PNR. In the event that this information is not made until the specified date, the payment with the previous PNR will be refunded under the above mentioned cancellation conditions.
Participants who wish to choose the VIP After option after the booking must infom Myfest by email not later than 8th April 16: 00.
To attend Myfest, it is compulsory to graduate from universities or be student at universities. Participations other than those require the reference of the Myfest mass management team.
Please note that booking and payment do not guarantee Myfest participation. The Myfest mass management team reserves the right to cancel your reservation without giving you a reason and refund your payment within 15 days at the latest.
A reference is required for men rooms.
Partipicants who act any improper or illegal behavior which may hamper the flow of the organization on upon bus service take-off, is removed from the organization area without a refund. If deemed necessary, legal action is initiated.
The participant accepts the damages caused by him at the organization area or in own room.
During the event, people who disturb other people and act improper behaivour will be taken away from the hotel by our private security team.